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Success rate in 2013

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As we close off 2013, Acutherapy and Herbal Clinic would like to send a special thanks to clients, family doctors, fertility specialists that have supported us throughout the year. We are grateful for the support from our partners. Helping couples achieve their goals to grow their family is our pride and passion
This year, we’ve had phenomenal results amongst our new and existing clients. Many of them were successful despite having exhausted other options. Additionally many were also able to conceive naturally. We’re proud to announce that we’ve officially seen 31 couples conceive successfully for 2013 which is approximately 47.7% of our active patients[In 2013, we’ve had 65 active clients who underwent our treatment (people who participated in the 3+ month treatment)]. We assume that this is an understatement due to clients who have conceived don’t share the fantastic news with us.
Finally, we’d like to thank the most important group of all, our clients. We’re honoured to work with you to find better solutions for your fertility needs. Your continued trust and enthusiasm courage us to work harder for you.

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