About 20 years ago we began to notice that acupuncture and TCM were very helpful to those who wanted to be parents but had trouble conceiving. We started collecting information about fertility treatment from scientific papers, books and case reports and set up our own fertility clinic in Vancouver. Since then we have accumulated rich knowledge about fertility treatment based on our own practices. For about 20 years we have combined acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with Western medicine, particularly new knowledge in the field of fertility treatment, to treat infertility. As such we are a unique fertility clinic.

Our uniqueness is demonstrated in the following ways:


  • Special Initial Assessment

As we have formal training in Western medicine, our assessment is based on both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. Besides traditional Chinese medical assessment, we pay attention to clients’ Western medical data, such as hormone level, function of ovary, and sperm analysis. As a result, we are able to better understand a client’s conditions and develop more effective treatment plan each client. Using Western medical data we can also more objectively assess the results of each treatment cycle and allow clients to better understand the progress. We always request clients to bring their BBT chart and other data to us as references.

  • Optimal Time for Treatment

Because follicles go through a development period of at least 85-90 days before they are released for fertilization, we plan acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine treatment according to this cycle to balance hormone level, increase blood circulation of reproductive organs, improve ovary function, and enhance egg quality. We have noticed that the timing of treatment at certain points of a menstruation cycle makes a significant difference. Following BBT chart and other data, we can help clients choose the right time for acupuncture treatment, and we can also adjust each treatment in accordance with the information provided by BBT, consequently maximizing the chance of success. We have been successful in treating those who are diagnosed as “unexplained infertility.” To achieve better results, we usually recommend a minimum of three treatment cycles.

  • Lower Costs for Clients

It is difficult to predict how many treatments a client needs. However, we are certain that there is no strong correlation between the frequency of treatment and the rate of success. We generally follow a plan of 4-5 treatments within a menstruation cycle (not including irregular menstruation). Each acupuncture treatment lasts about 50 to 80 minutes according to clients’ conditions. In addition to our treatment packages($800 is almost for 3 period cycles/months treatment costs), we offer Magnetic Ear Tack, visualization (CD), herbs, and suggestions of changing diet or supplements to complement acupuncture treatment as they are not only effective but also lower clients’ costs.

We work with each client as a team. In the process of treatment we closely monitor changes in clients’ BBT chart and other data, and adjust the treatment according to the changes in order to seize every possible opportunity of conception. To meet our clients’ special needs, we can extend our office hours to weekends and statutory holidays for those who need IUI insemination, IVF embryo transfer at other clinics. As part of a team we offer emotional support in this special journey, and also we are more eager to share the joy of clients’ success.
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