Success Stories

(We do not put the clients’ names on because of confidentiality. We just pick up and paste a small number of successful cases they liked to share with the others.)

  • “It’s been a very frustrating road to pregnancy for my husband and I. I remembered when we first started trying to conceive our first baby last April; we didn’t even think that it would be a problem because I was 28 and my husband was 32. I took countless numbers of pregnancy tests which all resulted in disappointment. We went to see our family doctor. He said there was nothing wrong. He suggested that we start counting my ovulating cycles. We followed his advice but there was still no baby. My husband and I were devastated; our situation seemed hopeless until my friend suggested we try alternative medicine. I thought I really had nothing to lose at this point and was willing to try anything. I received regular treatments with Drs. Michael Ma and Jenny Zhang.
    I started feeling morning sickness, I didn’t think I that I would get pregnant so fast but miraculously I did. We are now awaiting the birth of our daughter.”
  • “My case is a little different from most people because our family doctor said that there would a very slight chance of me conceiving with my husband naturally. He was told by the doctor that he had a narrow urethra which may cause difficulties. We were told to try IVF, which resulted in failure. It was a difficult process for us because we both wanted to start a family. We had financial difficulties which really limited our options. I went on the internet and looked up infertility, and found several cases where Chinese traditional medicine helped couples. We decided to give it a try. 3 months later we conceived naturally! This was extremely surprising because we were told that there was a very slim chance but we went against all odds. That’s why we call our baby, the miracle baby.”
  • “(My husband) and I am interested in having another baby and since we were so successful with your help last time, we wanted to come in and see you again.”
  • “My husband and I first started to have a baby about 2 years ago. It was until last year that we started to become concerned. We are a young, and should not have difficulties with getting pregnant. It was extremely embarrassing for my husband who would not allow trying our methods like IVF, ICSI, and IUI. A friend who had success with Dr. Ma referred us to him. After my first treatment, I felt extremely relaxed. Soon both my husband and I husband both received regular therapeutic treatments and took herbs everyday. The treatments proved to be phenomenal because 6 weeks later the pregnancy test I took came out positive! Thank you so much Drs. Ma and Zhang.”
  • “It must have been at least 2 years ago since we first started trying. We knew there would be some difficulties because I had some personal health issues that would inevitably affect our chances. We tried intrauterine insemination 4 times, IVF and no results. I became extremely agitated with our situation. I tried everything including diets, counselling, exercise, yoga-etc but nothing worked. It wasn’t until months later that we found Dr. Ma and Dr. Zhang a friend had told us about them. We were put on their infertility program which basically meant that we received regular treatments and herbs. We waited a number of weeks before we tried IVF since our treatment and to our surprise, not only worked but we are expecting twins!”
  • “Thank you so much Dr. Ma and Dr. Zhang! We’ve just received the news from the Lab that I’m pregnant! We just had to let you know how much this means to me. Words can’t describe my gratitude towards you.”
  • “This note is for Jenny: hi Jenny, this is [name withheld]. I was going crazy because I lost your business card, until I remembered I had you guys on my email. Are you still in the same building? Can you send me the website address, so I can find you guys again? I need you!!! I am four months pregnant with twins. The invitro worked!…”
  • “Hi Jenny, Hi Michael, (my husband) and I are doing well. The pregnancy is progressing nicely and I’m now 5.5 months along. Thanks for your help and support in 2007. Hope to see you in 2008.”
  • “Just to let you know that (my wife) is pregnant and we expect a baby girl in the end of February(2008). We will contact you again to let you know the end result.
    Thanks for all your help and I will be back for some treatments for my shoulders, neck and back of head.”
  • “Hi Jenny, I just wanted to send you an email to let you know that I am pregnant (in first trimester, Feb.2008) and very happy with the treatments I received from you. I will return to see you if any problems arise, but at the moment I feel great. Thank you so much,”
  • “This is a little note to tell you that (my husband) and I are expecting a baby in January (2009). Thank you for your help with the acupuncture treatments you gave us. Things are progressing well and we are pleased.  Here is an ultrasound of the little guy waving.”
  • “Hi Jenny, Michael, It’s [name withheld]. It’s been some time since I’ve been into see you. I was meaning to e-mail you sooner but have been really busy. I just wanted to let you both know that I am now 17 weeks pregnant!! (August, 2008) I don’t think I came in for treatment very many times but am very grateful for all that you have done.”
  • “Merry Christmas to you and Michael !!! IT will be a great Christmas for me… I am pregnant!!! I am 13 weeks along. Thank you for all your help!!! All the best for 2009!!!”
  • “This is my photo taken by my dad, I am [name withheld(baby)] and just one month old. Thank you Jenny and Michael for helping my mom and dad achieve their dream!”
  • “Hi Jenny, I have good news to share with you. We are expecting twin girls sometime beg of January (2009). Thanks to you and have a great holiday.”
  • “Merry Christmas to you and Michael. I am doing well in 2008. Guess what?! I am pregnant again — no IVF this time. We were very shocked. My son, [name withheld], is now 1.5 years old and I am due with the second baby in late April(2009). I have attached a picture of my son.”
  • “Hi Jenny, I’ve been meaning to drop in to say hello and thank you for all your help and wonderful care during my second IVF transfer from October 1. It was a success! I am now 14 weeks pregnant today (Dec.21, 2008) with one healthy baby! Thank you! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see again soon.”
  • “(2009-Mar-13) Hi Jenny and Michael. I have been meaning to send you our great news and it’s now been 4 and half months. Our healthy son, Kai, was born on October 23, 2008, weighing 8 lbs, 6 oz! I wanted to thank Jenny for her great care in my second trimester with the bad headaches and to both of you for your help prior to conceiving. Thanks again,”
  • Miracle Case
    “(2009-Dec-02) Hi Dr. Jenny, Remember me? I came to see you in May earlier this year. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 2 years until we went to see my family doctor. All the standard fertility test results came back normal, so she referred us to a fertility clinic. The fertility clinic turned me down for IVF telling me that my FSH level (14) was too high for me to be accepted as a candidate, explaining that high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) means “poor egg quality” Apparently this clinic only treats patients with FSH levels below 12. The doctor at the fertility clinic unsympathetically told me not to come back unless I had an egg donor. Thinking that IVF was my last and only chance of having my own child, I was devastated by the news.
    My girlfriend who had just given birth to twins with the help of IVF had also undergone acupuncture treatment with you while she was going through the IVF process, so she gave me your number, saying maybe you could help me. After speaking with you on my first visit, your optimism inspired me. I then met with Dr. Ma, who diagnosed me with “low chi” in my liver and kidneys. I did not hesitate to order up my prescription from him of herbal tea specially formulated for my condition. I took my daily dose of “nasty tasting” herbs for the first 5 days of my cycle in combination with acupuncture treatments with you. You told me that it may take 3 to 6 cycles to get my body aligned with my chi for the treatments to work, however I kept confident this was GOING TO WORK for me. Surprise! Pregnant in the first cycle! I am now in my 3rd trimester waiting for the arrival of my fist child at the age of 44! All prenatal testing shows baby is healthy.
    I still find it hard to believe I am really pregnant. My family doctor could hardly believe it either, and told me she was going to tell all future patients about acupuncture for fertility. My most recent doctor called me at work not long after our first prenatal appointment to ask me for your contact information. I’m guessing she is telling her patients about you as well. I am impressed that my Doctors that practice Western medicine are so open to promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine. A couple weeks ago I bought a stroller for baby and was telling the salesman my fertility story. He later tracked me down in the parking lot asking for your contact information to pass on to his Aunt and uncle who are trying to conceive. I’m telling everybody that will listen about my experience in hopes that I can inspire other couples to not give up hope of having their own children, and that it’s possible to do without the aide of a fertility clinic. Western Medicine is not always the only answer and I’m glad I opened up my mind to this “new to me” world of TCM.
    I’m so very grateful to you and Dr. Ma for helping me to achieve my dream of becoming a mother. I am also VERY grateful that it only took one cycle, because I don’t know if I could stomach one more ounce of that herbal prescription that Dr. Ma cooked up for me ( no offense to dr. Ma!) . And a special thank you to you Dr. Zhang, for your healing hands, sweetness, sense of humor and empathy for me when I was so sad and emotional when I first came to see you. Will send pictures of our girl when she arrives in February 2010!
    PS – my next message is going to be to the fertility clinic to thank them for saving me $12,000 in fertility treatments!”
  • (2010-Mar-30)”Hi Jenny, I just wanted to pass the news on to you that doctors have confirmed. I am at 15 weeks right now and happy. I believe the two treatments I had with you at the end of December and January were a part of this so thank you very much :)”
  • (2010-Apr-14)”Hi Dr. Jenny! Well, baby [name withheld] arrived 2 weeks early on Feb 09, and she is perfect. Thanks again for helping us achieve our dreams of having a family. Here’s a couple pictures of our beautiful babe. At least once a week, someone asks me for your contact info – hope those people find the same success as we did :-)”
  • (2010-Oct-27)”Hi Jenny, It’s been a while since I last saw you and I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to send this to you. I want to let you know that our second IVF treatment was a success! I am now 15 weeks pregnant!! You helped made our dreams come true. I believe acupuncture (and your gentle massages) played a critical role in our pregnancy. Jenny, you always showed compassion and illustrated the best interest in my well-being. Thank you again.”
  • (2010-Dec-09) “Hi Jenny, You treated me with acupuncture while I was going through my IVF cycle in October/November. I am safely back abroad and 7w4d pregnant with twins. Have had a 6 week ultrasound and everything looked good, we are now waiting for a 9 week ultrasound. I wanted to give you an update so you know that your hard work had not been forgotten. I am still soaking my feet every night and sleeping with socks on to keep my feet warm. How long do you think I should continue this for? I will keep you updated with the pregnancy. Thanks for all your help.”
  • (2011-Jan-3) “Dear Michael and Jenny, Thank you so much for your kind, professional work and care. We still can’t believe this miracle happened(to 44 yrs old woman), but we believe as we care our baby, and we believe miracles do happen!!! Thank to the God and you!”
  • (2011-Feb-24)”Hi Jenny, Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t called you to arrange treatment recently. On Friday I found out that I was pregnant! I have had some bleeding since and it seems very uncertain at the moment whether on not it will go ahead, but once I know I’ll call you. Either way, I just wanted to say thanks very much for all the treatment sessions I’ve had – I don’t think it would have happened at all without them. Talk to you soon.”
  • (2011-Apr-5)”Hi Jenny, I just wanted to let you know that we have finally been successful with our IVF treatments! Thank you so much for your work with me on making my uterus ready to accept an embryo! We are seven weeks pregnant and just had an early ultrasound where everything is very good – the fetus is about 1.1cm in size and has a heartbeat of 149 beats/minute. Here’s hoping the next 33 weeks go well!!!
    Thanks again for your help and support!”
  • (2011-Aug-23)”Dear Jenny and Dr Ma, Thank you very much for all your support on my process of having our two boys. They are now 3 months old. I carried them till full term and they were both born around 6 pounds. Now they are over 14 pounds. Jenny, thank again for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and support. You are such a wonderful acupuncturist, advisor, and friend! I would recommend you to anybody any time without hesitation.”
  • (2011-Sept-8)”Jenny, She’s the light of our lives. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of being a mother & taking such good care of me.”
  • 2011-Dec-15)”We couldn’t have made it to this point without your care and support. 37 weeks yesterday wish us luck.
    Happy Holidays!!!”
  • (2011-Dec-21)”Hi Jenny, I tried to get pregnant for at least a year and a half before trying acupuncture. The doctors suggested that I take the fertility drugs/consider IVF, which I was going to do after trying acupuncture for a few months. I had normal cycles for most of my life, and had gotten pregnant when I was younger so I had a feeling I could get pregnant again, but that stress and age were in the way and causing my hormones to be slightly off (my partner also has a very low % of normal sperm morphology). Around 33-34 years old my cycle started getting a little longer, and then I had a bit of spotting before the actual period would start, so I thought that if my cycles could be regulated perhaps I could get pregnant naturally. After 2-3 months of acupuncture, I was amazed that my cycles were a day or two shorter, and I believe it was 3 months and I was pregnant! I am now 37 y/o and 7 months pregnant.
  • (2012-1-8)”Hi Jenny, this is [name withheld]. It has been almost 2 years since I last had a visit but feel another one should be soon. This time not for infertile.. Since IVF and birth of twins, we have had another precious baby! NO IVF, he was a surprise. I think acupuncture did the trick!! The twins just turned 2 years old and our baby boy is 8 months. I am a busy Mom! Here is a photo of B[name withheld], N[name withheld] and L[name withheld]. I hope you remember me, I was a teacher in Vancouver and so big when pregnant with twins I could not walk! I told friends about you last night, they will be visiting you very soon too!
    I will be calling for another appointment in the next few weeks.”
  • (2012-1-24)”Dear Jenny and Michael, First of all, we wish you a happy new year! It’s been a while since we talked to you last time. The time has been passing so fast and our son is now a thriving 14 months old!! We thank you again for your warm and personal care and support! Best regards, K[name withheld] & M[name withheld]”
  • (2012-6-19)”Hi jenny!!!Here is who you helped to create! His name is [name withheld]. He’s now 5.5 months old! Sorry I didn’t get a hold of you earlier I meant to but I’ve been really exhausted!
    I’m dying to come in to see you. My darling son doesn’t sleep at all and I injured my back and hip with the way I lie with him and feed him. Is there any way you can help me with that? also believe it or not we want to try for another baby and will be needing your help with that. Let me know if you’re around and when I can come see you!!”
  • (2012-12-11)”Hello Jenny! I have been thinking about you – and just on Saturday I gave your number to my friend X[name withheld], and I think she will be calling you for help. I had a baby girl! We named her [name withheld] and she was born at the beginning of August. Here is a picture of [name withheld]. Thank you for all your help. We will come and visit you sometime soon. Best regards and best wishes for 2013.”
  • (2012-12-12)”Hi Dr Jenny,I have been meaning to call you for ages.I wanted to let you know that the last time I saw you for fertility treatment worked. I am 22 weeks pregnant with 1 baby. Very excited and happy. Thank you so much for everything you helped with. Happy holidays”
  • (2012-12-14)”Hi Jenny! Hope u have a great holidays and happy New Year!! I’m doing well. I’m now 24 weeks and have gain 16 pounds. Pregnancy has been going well. I had morning sickness very mild though and now no more. It lasted for 14 weeks. I’m eating healthy and can eat anything. Thank you so much! Hope u have a happy holidays!”
  • (2012-12-26)”Dear Jenny and Michael, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both. We are celebrating [name withheld] ‘s first Christmas. She is an energetic, healthy baby. She’s five months old now and is rolling over and over and over again! Thanks again for your contribution to our happiness!”
  • (2012-12-31)”Hi Jenny and Michael: Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Meet our son, [name withheld], born December 13, 2012 at 2.965 kg. He was born at term, healthy and happy and we are all doing well. He is almost 4 weeks old now and he is eating and growing well. He now weighs 3.417 kg. I wanted to thank you both for helping me through the entire process of fertility treatment and pregnancy. Your care and compassion helped me through a very stressful time and helped me to get pregnant and then helped me to have a very healthy pregnancy. Happy New Year to you and your family and good health to everyone. My wish for our son is for him to be happy and healthy in life. Take care.”
  • (2013-1-25)”Hi Jenny, I hope this email finds you well. I’m not sure if you remember me, I recently saw you for acupuncture treatment during my Frozen Embryo Transfer back in November, well, I have wonderful news for you. I am 14 weeks pregnant!!!!! I wish I can call you but my son (also a result of successful IVF and acupuncture) is sleeping as he has the stomach bug. I’d like to THANK YOU so much for caring for me and my total well-being. You do amazing work and I truly believe acupuncture helped the success of both embryo transfers. If you like I can keep you updated on the outcome of this pregnancy. Thank you again for ALL that you’ve done. Please respond to this email so I know you received it.
    Take Care,”
  • (2013-3-18)”Just wanted to say hello and let you know that all is well with me. I’m at 20 weeks this week and feeling better with the nausea. I’ll probably come and see you again soon for treatment, but just wanted to tell you again that I really appreciate the help you gave me and that you are a miracle worker. A natural pregnancy after 11 fertility treatments! I felt in good hands with you and I think that helped me with some of the anxiety I was having. I’m sending people to you, but hope I can still get appointments! We just found out we’re having a boy and his due date is August 6th, or 8th (out Dr. thinks the 6th and midwife thinks the 8th). Thanks again, Jenny and hope you are well.”
  • (2013-7-29)”Hi Jenny,I hope all is well with you. As promised, I am emailing you with an update of my growing family. We welcomed a healthy baby boy named [ name withheld] to our family on Friday, July 19th weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces. I am truly grateful for all that you’ve done. My family is now complete with the help of IVF and your Acupuncture treatments. Thank you again and again! I will not hesitate recommending your service to anyone who may have troubles conceiving. I’ve attached a photo of my two sons.
    With love,”
  • (2013-07-30)”Hi Jenny, [name withheld] here, I just wanted to let you know I had a healthy baby boy, London, last Friday. A quick uncomplicated labour and delivery after some cervidil and of course your amazing work! I will call soon to book a post partum treatment 🙂
    And THANK YOU!!”
  • (2013-8-13)”Hi Jenny, Here’s some pictures of our baby boy [ name withheld]. He was born July 30th at home. He came quickly so we didn’t have time to make it to the hospital. He was 8lbs 15ozs even though he was 10 days early!”
  • (2013-8-14)”Dear Jenny, It’s hard to believe that Alexine is finally here that as I write this she is fast asleep in my arms. I ended up being induced a few days after my last appointment with you and gave birth 9 days early due to my high blood pressure. I want to thank you for all of your support over the past few years. Your expert care and attention to all of my fertility challenges has really made such a difference. I would not have been able to do it without you. There are no words to truly express my gratitude and appreciation.”
  • (2013-12-24)”Hi Jennie, I hope this message finds you well. My family is doing well. Our two boys are keeping us busy but we couldn’t be happier with two healthy sons. Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and all the best health in the New Year. Sincerely,”
  • (2014-1-6)”Dear Jenny, Thank you so much for the acupuncture fertility treatments last March. I am sure that it helped a lot to conceive our baby girl who arrived on November 24th. We are very appreciative. –Dx+Sx “
  • (2014-2-10)”Hi Jenny, We had a baby girl Saturday morning at 6am (very quick labour – 5hrs!) – Bx 7lbs& 20.5″. Both Jx and I are totally in love with her. Thank-you so much for helping us have her.
    -Nx “
  • (2014-7-4)”Hello, Jenny, Just wanted to let you know our little boy Mx arrived a little early on June 30 @ 23:22. He came in at 7lbs and 4 oz and measures 54 cm (he has his grandpa’s Frisian legs!). We’re all doing fine, just trying to adjust to our new worlds and get to know each other.
    Love from all of us,
    -Rx, Jx and Mx “
  • (2014-7-28)”Dear Jenny, You don’t know how much we appreciate all your support and help! We are so blessing to have our daughter under your care!
    Thank you again!
    I wish you all the best!
    -Jx’s family “
  • (2014-10-10)”Hi Jenny, It’s Ax, I received accupuncture treatment pre and post IVF in Early September. I have some good news, we are pregnant. We are almost 8 weeks gestation with one baby.
    Thank you very much for the treatment recommendations we greatly appreciate it. Our expected due dat is May 23,2015. I will be sure to send you photo to add to your collection when baby is born.
    Many many thanks
    -Ax & Dx “
  • (2015-1-8)”Hi, it’s Kx! I had two positive results on pregnant test today! One result says conceived 2-3weeks ago. No blood test yet but good news I guess! I will make an appointment once I have blood work done!-Kx”
  • (2015-1-26)” Hi Jenny, I have good news, I tested positive!!! Thank you so much for your help! When should I come see you next?You are amazing!!! Thank you so much! Honestly I did not expect it and still in shock that it happened so fast! I would like to keep up the treatment. When should I come then?-Jx”
  • (2015-2-12)”Hi Jenny, I hope you are well. I just wanted to share the news that we are 6 weeks pregnant. I was terrible at keeping track of my chart in Jan but we somehow managed to time everything. Crossing our fingers that we make it through the 1st trimester. Thank you for everything. –Dx”
  • (2015-3-5)”Hi jenny! I can’t remember if I ever sent you a picture  of  my baby!Here’s Fx. She just turned 5 last month!! I still promote your clinic!!Forever grateful, -Dx, Dx and Fx”
  • (2015-5-6)”Hello Jenny, I just wanted to send u a little message and thank you again for your support during our IVF procedure in September 2014. Bx has arrived . He was almost 4 weeks early, happy and healthy both mom and Babe are doing well.He was born April 27 @ 1020 pm Weighing 6 lbs and 19.5in long. Thank you again!-Ax & Bx”
  • (2015-7-18)”Hi jenny, I finally did the test today and it’s positive. I haven’t been to the doctor yet though. I’ll go sometime this week. Should I book an appointment for Saturday?-Ax”
  • (2015-7-22)” I think  I’m pregnant! ! The test shows positive but the line is not very strong! Hi Jenny, I went to doctor this evening to confirm pregnancy , urine test is done and ultra sound is order in week 8.-Jx”
  • (2015-7-23)”Sx and I are proud to announce the safe and healthy arrival of our sweet little Boy Hx. He was born on July 17th at 3:40am weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. I went into labor the day after our last session. Thank you Jenny for your involvement in this very special season of our life!-Tx”
  • (2015-8-11)”Hi Jenny, Hope this finds you well 🙂 It’s been a long time since I saw you, we were so busy!  I wanted to email you to say thanks so much, for all your help and support. I continued to have a very easy pregnancy, but had a long labour which resulted in an emergency c section. We had a beautiful healthy baby girl on March 17th.  She weighed 7lb 3oz and was 53cm. I often think about how amazing acupuncture was for me and how much you helped me with our dream. I truly believe after two miscarriages it was what I was looking for. We have already made the decision to seek your guidance and help for the next pregnancy! Thank you so much again,-Kx,Rx and baby Sx”
  • (2015-9-24)”Hi Jenny, I saw you last year for acupuncture prior to and during my ivf treatment. I wanted to let you know that I was successful and got we had a little boy in Oct 2014. He came 2 months early but he is doing very well. Thank you so much for your support during my treatments. I believe you are the reason that the ivf worked.All the best,-Mx”
  • (2016-2-17)”Hi Jenny, I meant to tell you sooner. I had a baby girl (you were right!). On Feb 7th. She is small – born 6lbs 1 oz. we are all doing well.-Cx”
  • (2016-6-23)”Jenny my FSH went from 101 to 25! And it looks like I may have three follicles! Unbelievable! I will bring the results and will see you tomorrow.-Lx (47yrs old, 3 times trials of IVF IUI, no follicle found)”
  • (2016-8-25)”Hi, Dr Zhang, Thank you so much for your care, I just had lovely health baby boy yesterday after many years struggle.Here is a picture in attached.-Xx”
  • (2016-Christmas)”Hi Jenny, Merry Christmas! Please find below my testimonial for the website…”
    “My husband and I started trying to conceive in September 2009 but were not having any luck. We went through comprehensive testing and were diagnosed with ‘unexplained fertility.’ We then went through multiple rounds of Clomid and IUI but were not able to conceive. Ultimately, we decided to proceed with IVF. I started treatment with Jenny in January 2010, prior to and during my first IVF treatment. The first attempt was successful and my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby boy. We decided to try IVF again and had a baby girl. I am convinced that the IVF would not have been successful had we not incorporated the acupuncture treatment. Jenny greatly helped in getting my mind and body ready for the grueling IVF process. She was so so accommodating in scheduling acupuncture treatments prior to and following embryo transfer and timing treatment so as to maximize the efficacy of the IVF drugs etc. I am so so grateful for my beautiful children and I know that Jenny played a huge role in the success of the IVF.
    Following the birth of both kids, I continued with regular acupuncture treatments to help my cycle get back to normal. I also receive regular treatments for menstrual migraines and the treatments have been very effective. Jenny’s warm and caring demeanor were such a support for me throughout my fertility issues and I can’t imagine going through the ups and downs of infertility and IVF without her support and encouragement. I’ve been a regular patient of Jenny’s since January 2010 and plan on remaining so for many years to come.-Ax”